YPP – Information and Telecommunications Technology

რამდენიმე წლის წინ გაეროს Young Professionals Programme-ში მივიღე მონაწილეობა (Information and Telecommunications Technology მიმართულება). გაეროს ეს პროგრამა საშუალებას აძლევს ახალგაზრდა პროფესიონალებს დაიწყონ მუშაობა გაეროში. რამდენიმეეტაპიანი შერჩევის პროცესიდან პირველია წერითი ტესტირება.

ძველ დოკუმენტებში ქექვისას აღმოვაჩინე, რომ გამოცდიდან გამოსვლის შემდეგ დამახსოვრებული საკითხები ჩამომიწერია და გადავწყვიტე ბლოგზე დამედო. იქნებ ვინმეს გამოადგეს:

Open Questions
a) What is index in relational databases and what is its main benefit?
b) What is major difference between clustered index and non-clustered index?
2. Describe what is agile software development methodology. List its one advantage and one disadvantage.
3. What is taxonomy in the context of Record Management System? And why it is important to have a taxonomy in such a system?
4. What is difference between encryption and crystallographic hash algorithm. List usage of each of these.
5. What is tole and function of standard stateful firewall? What two security function it is NOT able to perform?
6. What is essential specifications, service characteristics and deployment characteristics of cloud computing?
7. Throughout the world ISPs are implementing IPv6. Why is IPv6 implementation needed and what are the specifications of its implementation.
8. Specify what are two types of virtualization and what are benefits of each of them.
1. Based on PRINCE2 and PMBOK
a) What is classical definition of the project?
b) List 5 characteristics of a project brief?
c) Why achieving more than planned with project may be a project failure?
. . .
2. Software 4
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
ER based diagram or class diagram of software functionality.
LIst 3 methods to verify the entry of data to DBs.
3. Data centers
Technology for interchanging data between two data centers
Load balancing technology
Tagging for MPLS
4. Service desk
Essential characteristics for its effective functioning
Steps to respond request or incident
How to respond:
a) Provision of tablet computer;
b) User access request to ER;
. . .